The South of France in June: Mourèze, Béziers & Carcassonne

Bonjour Mes Trésors!

I’m coming to you today from my happy place; I’m sat on the floor, I have a cup of Lady Grey and there is a puppy dog on my lap.

For me, it’s easy to feel content after a trip away; George and I spent the last five days trotting around the South of France in the sun.

I love exploring new places and seeing new things, but it always makes me realise how much I love my home.

We’re totally spoilt in London and I’m so glad I get to live in this crazy, claustrophobic, buzzing city. In the words of our Dorothy: “There’s no place like home”, and there ain’t nothing like a pair of ruby red slippers either – can I get me some of those?!

~Anyway~ I digress, let’s get back to France, shall we?!

The weather was top-notch, the patisseries were incredible and the views were fan-bloody-tastic.

We flew into Béziers and rented a car from the airport, then headed for the hills to the beautiful village of Mourèze (our first AirBnB destination).

This place was stu-uh-nning; I fell in love with it and the small town of Clermont-l’Hérault, which was only a short drive away.

On the second day, we visited the Lac du Salagou and rented a pedalo for an hour, then spent a couple of hours reading, avoiding wasps and reapplying suncream.

The lake was beautiful but most of the surrounding ground wasn’t very good to sit on, so we ended up back at square one (with the crowds) in order to picnic.

Next stop: Carcassonne via the city of Béziers.

Pitstopping in Béziers for the day was probably our second biggest mistake (I say second because only renting the car for two days was the first). We spent the hottest part of the day desperately seeking somewhere to sit with our bags, but (as we’re now so bloody aware) most places close for the afternoon.

As for the City, it had nothing on the village we’d just left so we cut our losses and headed to the train station early to read. If you do find yourself here, then I would recommend a visit to the Market Hall and a walk through the park – it’s pretty.

So, Carcassonne, Carcassonne, Carcassonne. Where to begin here?

Well, this place is as beautiful as they said it would be. The city is divided into two parts, the old Medieval part and then the newer part.

We visited the old Medieval part first thing in the morning to avoid the tourists and climbing the steep hill in mid-afternoon 40-degree-heat.

Most of our time in Carcassonne was spent in the main square – Place Carnot, drinking coffee and nibbling on pizza. Being vegan here is EXTREMELY difficult and we made the bulk of our meals at home in the Airbnb.

As a side note, it’s frowned upon to just to order coffee anywhere you go, they want you to have the whole shebang, so prepare yourself for some backlash if you do as we did.

So do you want my advice if you’re travelling here?

Well, if I’m being brutally honest I would only visit Carcassonne for one night towards the end of the week (nothing seems to open properly until Wednesday). I’d do the new bit on the evening you arrive, then I’d get up with the birds and visit the old bit in the morning.

Top tip: I’d avoid the canal du Midi ‘tour’ LIKE THE PLAGUE unless you enjoy the view of a dual-carriageway and being into a canal lock like a dirty plate in a dishwasher.

I guess I don’t even need to put it into words, Moureze was quite obviously the highlight of the trip and I ~loved~ hiring the car.

If you begged me to do it all again (oh won’t you, please?) then I’d hire the car for the duration of the trip and spend the days hopping from small town to small town, ordering coffees without food as I go.

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