Warning: Don’t Read This If You’re Hungry

I’m starting to regret my decision to ‘be more vegan’ for one reason and one reason only: ice cream.

Oh, how I love it, especially in the summer months.

I do count myself lucky though, I’m living in a place where being Vegan is as easy as saying ‘1,2,3’; London is full of vegan and vegetarian places to eat. Places just like the Vurger Co.

The Vurger Co. started as a small market stall back in 2016, now they have two sites in London: Canary Wharf and Shoreditch, the latter of which George and I were invited to check out.

The Vurger Co. menu is completely, and I mean completely, plant-based: burgers, sides and milkshakes, yes even the milkshakes, are all vegan-friendly. Scrap that, they’re vegan-bff.

You go in. You order. You get a buzzer. You get buzzed. You get your food. It’s a simple concept but the menu doesn’t feel simple at all, the menu feels too good to be true: plant-based mac n’ cheese, burger sauce and patties. Woah.

Choosing is not simple either, picking the right burger is like trying to pick a favourite child (if I had one). Ok, maybe that’s a bad example – surely it’s the one that isn’t crying, right?

The Salted Caramel Popcorn shake, with a tower of whipped cream, scattered popcorn and a paper straw looked as happy to see me as I was to see it. The balance of sweet with a touch of salt tasted as good as waking up without an alarm on the weekend – just one sip was enough to satisfy my ice-cream cravings for the rest of summer.

The Shoreditch based Vurger Co. restaurant is as you’d expect a plant-based fast-food restaurant to be, especially one located just a skip away from Brick Lane: white walls, neon signs and groovy cushions; it’s the kind of place you’re happy to sit in. It doesn’t leave you running for the mountains or the front seat of your car like other fast food joints.

The New York Melt burger was comically large, too large to bite. I happily swerved any manners and picked it apart with my fingers. If by some chance Vurger Co. called me now and said “Lindsey, it was a test, the burger was actually beef and the sauce was dairy” I would believe them in a heartbeat. The patty was meaty, juicy and full of flavour, enhanced by the delicious ‘cheese’ and gherkins. In this case, eating was not believing.

I love the Vurger Co., I think it’s wonderful, I really do. My only issue now is I’m no longer craving ice cream, I’m craving Vurger Co. instead. Damn it!

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