Introducing myself to my skin

At the age of 28, is it too late to learn how to care for your skin?

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to worry about my skin. It’d be as soft and glowing as the day I shot into the doctor’s arms. Sadly though, that’s not the case.

It’s not the case at all.

I’ve been worrying about my skin for years

Worrying about the wrinkles, blemishes and dry patches. Scoping them out on reflective surfaces, in pictures and in the bathroom mirror, exasperating the worrying – times one hundred.

It’s safe to say with age came confidence; I had confidence in my styling skills, I had confidence in my creativity and I had confidence I could turn my hair from ‘dragged through a bush’ to ‘salon finish’ in under half an hour.

However, when it came to knowing what to do with my skin I was more clueless than Cher and Dion in debate class (get the niche 90s reference?).

Don’t get me wrong, I loved a new product as much as the next gal, but knowing what to use and where to use it? Well, frankly, I was useless.

In the past, as long as my skin wasn’t getting any worse I’d guess the ‘miracle 75-hour skin perfect studio shine professional casual’ cream I’d found in the supermarket was working.

Where to start with skincare?

Let’s be real, knowing where to find the right advice is hard: beauty counters – terrifying, internet – overwhelming, magazines – untrustworthy.

I guess the people I trust the most for recommendations are my pals, which is why when @girlonfilm suggested trying BYBI, a 100% natural and eco-friendly skincare brand, I was keener than a puppy chasing a tennis ball to try it.

Since using BYBI my skincare regime (see below) has gone from zero to hero; I’m using balms, oils and serums like they’re going out of fashion – but also in moderation because a little goes a really long way.

Have I noticed a difference?

Heck. Yes.

Not to blow my own trumpet ~but~ my skin is glowing brighter than Rihanna at the Met Ball.

I’ve had 0 break-outs and I finally feel like I’ve learnt what my skin needs; I’ve stopped stripping it of all its moisture to make it feel ‘clean’, I’ve stopped scrubbing it to within an inch of its life and I’ve finally found a product that removes all my make-up before I go to bed – goodbye panda eyes. Instead, I’m treating it kindly, hydrating it and giving it some much needed TLC (also spelt B-Y-B-I.)

So it’s safe to say I’m hair-clip over sneakers for BYBI; thanks to their products I’ve finally learnt to care for my skin.

Now if only they did French lessons – I’m keen to learn a new language too, actually.

My Skincare Routine


Step One:

Three times a week I use the Smooth and Soothe scrub in the shower (singing not required but is permitted)

Step Two:

After getting out the shower and patting my skin dry I mix a few drops of the 1% Bakuchiol Booster and a few drops of the Supercharge Serum together with a daily moisturiser and apply to my face and neck

Step Three:

If I’m feeling like Miss Fancy Pants, I apply some of the Babe Balm Bronze to my eyes, cheekbones and lips for some extra sparkle


Step One:

Apply the Swipe Clean oil cleaners all over my face and massage in to dissolve any make-up, then wipe away with a damp flannel

Step Two:

On towel-dried skin, mix a few drops of the CBD booster and the Supercharge Serum together, then apply to my face and neck

Step Three:

Jump into bed ready for sleeping and dreaming

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