I’m About To Tell You All My Secrets

Ok, there are some things I just can’t/shouldn’t share on the world wide web, however, I will share with you my beauty secrets. I’m sure you can keep them to yourself now can’t you?

It’s shameful I know, but only now, at 28, have I got into the habit of removing my make up at night (told you this was going to be juicy).

I’d go through phases if I was into a new product or had some time on my hands when I’d do the whole shebang, but it wasn’t until I noticed the wrinkles under my eyes I decided to take the whole thing seriously.

With my previous laziness in mind, I needed something quick and easy to get the job done, something that’s going to remove layers and layers of mascara in one fail swoop. Enter stage left, Swipe Clean by BYBI. Not only is this product sustainable, vegan and in an adorable yellow bottle, but it also removes makeup easily and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or ‘stingy’. Round of applause, please.


As the age ol’ saying goes: ‘when in Rome’ or in my case ‘when I’m at the bathroom sink wishing I was in bed already’ I pop on a bit of this little beauty below. In the past, I was never sure if anything was really working, as long as it wasn’t getting any worse then I was happy, but since using this stuff I’ve noticed a huge difference. My skin is glowing like it ain’t ever glowed before ~and~ I’ve had no breakouts whatsoever since using it – make of that what you will, Folks.


For years I’ve been obsessive about protecting my skin from sun damage, so using SPF in my daily facial moisturiser is essential. I was recently introduced to the brand Freshly Cosmetics, which are also a sustainable and vegan brand, I tried their Healthy Protection Facial Sunscreen SPF 50. Even though it’s such a high SPF it’s still light on my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, not sticky.


P.S. If you like the sound of Freshly then give their body oil a try too – it smells Amazing with a capital ‘A’.

Ok, so we’re done with the face let’s talk hair.

I used to be a hairdresser so I like to think I’m not ~totally~ clueless when it comes to this area. Want to know my BIGGEST tip when it comes to hair? Silk. If you can invest in a silk pillowcase, or place a silk scarf over your pillow (what I’m currently doing) then your hair will develop its own voice box just to thank you. I only started doing this recently but I now wake up with my hair practically how it was when I went to bed – dreadlocks are a thing of the past and I’m considering my life changed.

I recently screwed my hair up with crappy shampoo, loads of bleach and too much heat styling. In a panic, and feeling lost with my new shorter, straggly locks, I decided to invest in the OLAPLEX stuff. I say invest because it’s NOT cheap, but I really believe it’s worth it, loads and loads of per cent.

I use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment No.3 every time I wash it, I use the leave-in treatment No.6 when I’m styling and then I use treatment No.1&2 once a month with a toner. It’s early days, but I feel like it’s on the mend and fingers crossed, I’ll have those long locks back in a jiffy.

**BYBI & Freshly Cosmetics Products Were Gifted**

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