All that can happen in a week

There is only a small proportion of my week dedicated to standing between a white wall and a black camera. Although it (can) take a lot of courage and a lot of planning, there are times when I’m laying low, scooting around town and taking care of puppies.

So here’s what else I got up to last week, in between gigs shall we say?

During ~ those ~ times in the month when I find socialising less appealing, I like to have places I can hide, places I feel safe and places I feel calm. I don’t know why, possibly because I live in a city where daily life passes by so quickly (with the toot of a horn and a stiff middle finger) or because I spend so much time taking care of others, be that man or (little) beast.

This place in the picture is special to me; George took me here last summer to walk around the gardens when I was having the MOTHER of all break downs.

It was here, among the wildlife and the trees that my heart finally started to beat a little slower and the world didn’t seem so scary or so bad anymore.

This is the adorable little Albie ((little) beast no. 1). This week was dedicated to him while I was staying in his home in Parsons Green. It was the perfect working-staycation and this little shadow was the perfect companion, even if he did hogg the bed.

Exploring a new part of town is always such a treat and the best part of puppy sitting life. It makes London feel like an alien again, one that comes in peace with coffee and cake.

I’d almost forgot about these two, Pete and Sophie (beast no. 2 & beast no. 3), I spent the bank holiday weekend toing and froing from their beautiful place in Putney feeding them and giving the old gal some medicine.

I’m usually in the company of much smaller dogs, but there’s just something about a cuddle from a big doggo you can’t beat.

In contrast to the rest of the week, the weekend went down with a bang and a glass of prosecco at the Jam on Rye festival in Peckham (I was lucky enough to be invited down by the guys at Oatly). Me and my Pal went along ate some spicy chips and sat on the grass listening to old school hip-hop from the DJs.

There were two things I learnt from this week: Peckham is really, really far away from me and I’m not that great at taking scenic pictures – yet!

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