Coconut Cappuccino, Megan’s

Is there anything worse than having high expectations for something?

Actually, don’t answer that – course there is, but for the sake of this blog post, I’m going to keep on being dramatic.

Usually, if I’ve been recommended something or I’m trying something with a truckload of ‘hype’, then I’m expecting way too much from it.

Yeah, that might be a particularly pessimistic view from (and for) me, granted, but I am happy to be proved wrong (see below).

I’ve been giving expectations some thought (dangerous, I know) and I’ve come to the conclusion that part of enjoying something so much is in it’s discovery. It’s the joy in finding something yourself, feeling like it’s your little secret for you to recommend if you so wish.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what has this all got to do with a coconut cappuccino from Megan’s? Well, to say my expectations were high for this would be an understatement – they were soaring; this cappuccino had been recommended not only by two of my trusted friends, but also by About Time magazine.

Well all I can say is they weren’t wrong, this cappuccino was beautiful: there was real froth on top, the coffee was as strong as it needed to be and the coconut flavour took me right back to that Caribbian holiday I’ve never been on.

So why not you try it for yourself? I highly recommend it!

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