The Blog Post Challenge

This week I’m challenging myself to write a blog post a day.

Ok, so maybe this one has been a bit of a copout as I’m just talking about writing a blog post, BUT if I’m putting it out there in cyberspace then I have to do it don’t I?

Alright, if you need another excuse then it’s been a bit of a busy one, I’ve been giving a talk to uni students this afternoon.

How did the talk go? Well, it was terrifying and I felt like a bit of a loser, and I don’t think I could answer their questions properly, but otherwise, it went really well and they laughed at my poodle joke.

In all seriousness though why am I doing this? That’s a good question and again (bloody hell Lindsey) I don’t really have an answer. I think it’s because for once, my week is a little bit free and also because I want to get over this writer’s block.

I want to get used to getting words down, getting content out there and not over thinking every single little noun, verb, adjective, adverb..yeah, you get the picture I’m sure.

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