A Quarter Year Update

Spring sprung and then sprung back again.

I hate being teased. The promise of warm weather was far too much for me to handle; now I’m left craving long days, a warm breeze and hot sun.

I love spring, the light jacket weather, the blossom filled trees and the pub gardens (neither too full or too empty). Blink though and you’ll miss it.

I find with spring comes reflection, a sense of the beginning of the end, when all the new year resolutions are finally put to bed. Are you where you thought you’d be? Thinner? Richer? Smarter? Successful? Probably yes and probably no.

Around this time of the year I begin to feel tired, physically and mentally, as if the cold weather and the lack of vitamin D have finally got to me. The gusto from the New Year has been bled dry, the tank is empty and this ol’ girl is starting to chug.

So what to do? Well, not much really, just accept it. Accept the writers block, the headaches and the un-ticked lists. Goals are just stepping stones anyway, leding you in the right direction, there will be another one after that and after that and after that, eccetera.

Motivation will come and go, just like the seasons, so just keep doing your best and if you see some sun then for the bearded man’s sake LIE IN IT.

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