How I Stay Motivated When I’m Working for Myself from Home

I always get asked how I manage to stay motivated when I’m working for myself.

Well, it’s not always easy (some days really do go down the pan) but I thought I’d share my biggest tips and how I stay as motivated as I possibly can.

Create a great work space

I can’t work in a messy space, so making sure everything is neat and tidy comes first. Then I’d take this one step further and create the right atmosphere too: lamps for mood lighting, cushions for comfort and a candle burning if I’m feeling really extra.

I get fed and watered

If I’m hungry disaster will strike – I won’t get anything done. Taking the time to make sure I’m fed properly will pay off in the end and prevent me from staring aimlessly into space dreaming about burgers and sushi. Mmm, burgers and sushi..

Being realistic with my goals

I’m an absolute sucker for saying yes to everything, panicking, then sweeping it all under the carpet. This is not the way to do things, it’s better to be honest with yourself and turn some work down. Then you can give what you do have your absolute all.

I reward myself

I love coffee. I love coffee so much. I love coffee loads.

Taking coffee breaks is a huge reward for me and a good excuse to have a moment away from the work and get my second wind.

I break big tasks down

I can often feel unmotivated because I’m scared. The more pressure or scarier the task the easier it is to avoid. There is so much to be said for breaking it all down and concentrating on what you can do right now, ignoring the bigger – more terrifying – picture.

I always have a to-do list

Behind every great person is an even greater to-do list.

I get dressed

If I feel bad I do bad. Getting dressed and facing the day can be a huge motivation in itself, even if I’m working from home I’ll get out of my PJs and brush my hair. It works wonders.

I walk

Walking is a huge part of my day, taking the dog for a walk around the park is amazing for my brain and for motivation. I’m often filled with ideas on the loop and get the urge to rush back get things going again.

I give myself deadlines and I’m my own big bad boss

I give my week a lot of structure, I don’t allow myself to miss my deadlines and I don’t work late into the night. This allows me to switch off properly in the evening and doesn’t allow me to procrastinate until the cows come home – I get a mooove on.

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