What Happened When I Stopped Saving Things for Best

“Save it for best.”

I can hear those four words ringing in my ears, four words which have been drilled into me since I was yay high from those two who made me.

New clothes weren’t to be worn unless there was a worthy occasion, the chocolate cake was only for after dinner and the new film was to be saved for Saturday night.

I once bought a DSLR camera and I was so scared of breaking it I saved it for best (left it on my shelf for a year) and it died of loneliness – I’d used it twice.

Clothes would be left unworn, food would go off and family arguments would get in the way of watching that film on Saturday night.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I sacked off this way of living, but I think it was probably in my late teens. I decided I’d eat the cake for breakfast if I wanted, I’d wear the fancy dress to the supermarket and I’d watch films – well – whenever I could find the bloody time.

To this day, I believe it makes me happier. It gives me the spring in my step, definitely, however, I would have never linked this to self care, until now.

Last week, on one of my many dog walks, I listened to the Debrief Podcast Episode ‘How to be Good at Self Care’. They covered the usual stuff: mindfulness, shaving your toes, throwing your phone in a bin, of course, but they also spoke about saving stuff for best.

If we save stuff for best, save it for our future selves (tomorrow’s Lindsey – if you like) then we are doing a huge disservice to who we are right now. We are basically saying: the present isn’t important and today’s Lindsey doesn’t deserve any nice things. Which, if you think about it properly, is just a bit sad.

We are constantly made to believe we are not good enough; it’s the crux of the advertising industry, but even though it sounds cliche, we are. We are just as worthy, well behaved and good enough today as we will be tomorrow.

So this week I leave you with this: live, eat, pamper and dress today as if there were no tomorrow, because today is as good a day as any and you’re effin’ worth it.

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