What Happened When I Started Using the Mooncup

I’ve fallen heart over uterus for the Mooncup since I started using it this time last year.

I LOVE how easy and convenient it is to use, which is why I’m shocked when other girls tell me how disgusting and scary they think the thing is.

I feel it’s a real shame women are disgusted by their own bodies and by something as natural as a monthly period.

There’s that line in Mean Girls which goes: “if you (women) go around calling each other sluts and whores it just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores,” which I think can be applied to periods too. If we go around saying periods and sanitary products are disgusting and gross, then it makes it okay for guys to think periods and sanitary products are disgusting and gross too.


I’m sure the Mooncup won’t be for everyone, but personally, I bloody love the thing and I don’t think it’s disgusting or scary at all, here’s why:

I fuggetaboutit

Once it’s made itself at home it’s so comfortable I forget I’ve got it in. Unlike tampons, it doesn’t slip down, slide around or shoot out when I sneeze and unlink my fave friend, the sanitary towel, it doesn’t rustle when I walk.

It’s saved me money

Not having to fork out every month for tampons was a huge selling point for me, this time last year I was struggling to put food on the table, never mind finding cash for my pants.

I feel really ‘clean’

The blood collects in the cup and sits there patiently, waiting for me to take it out and tip it down the loo. It feels like fresh blood – there is no congealing on the side of a tampon or lying in my pants getting hot and unpleasant.

I don’t have to carry tampons around

Have you seen the bags on the high street these days? They’re tiny. I can barely fit my mascara in there, never mind a jumbo tampon or two.

Environmentally friendly

I’m proud of using it and I’m proud I’m producing less waste than I was a year ago. I’m making a difference to the world with my vagina and that feels great. Girl power!

They’re better for my body

Some things just shouldn’t be going in my vagina (alright, alright, calm down), like bleach, cotton fibres and pesticides which can be left there from tampons and sanitary towels.


Ok, above is all the reasons I love the thing, so now here are all my don’ts:

DON’T forget you’ve got it in and have sex

As I said, it’s easy to forget about this thing and if you ‘get to it’ when it’s in then it’ll be pushed so far up north you’ll feel like it’s never coming down.

If you DO have sex with it in then DON’T try and fish it out with a spoon

When you’re ready for sex your uterus moves, sucking the cup up and making it difficult to reach. My advice: leave the spoons in the draw where they belong. Just wait, stay calm and it’ll come back down eventually.

Don’t put it in wet

In my experience, if you rinse it and put it back in wet your period will leak down the side of it, so dry it off with a tissue before you reinsert.

Don’t let it fall down the toilet

Catching the little guy can be tough sometimes. Fishing it out and sterilising it is never fun.

Don’t try and hide it in your boyfriend’s toiletry bag when you first start seeing each other…

Yeah, you’ll have some explaining to do.





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