Learning Curve: It Doesn’t Have to be Picture Perfect


Since going freelance in September I’ve been trying to put more effort into my social media. I can’t lie, it’s not been the easiest journey for me. I’ve always been terribly camera shy; I hate looking up in photos and I don’t believe I have a photogenic bone in my body. Having said that, I love styling, I love blogging and I love Instagram.

Although social media has its flaws, I LOVE seeing ‘normal’ girls styling and wearing outfits. It’s pushed me to be more experimental with my own style, to wear things I may have believed I was too fat or ugly to wear and to get infront of that TERRIFIYING camera.

I’ve pushed myself to create my own platform: a platform where I can publish my own articles, write about whatever I want and demonstrate my own sense of style. I can be creative and have loads of fun!


I took these pictures a couple of months ago and I was tempted to delete them. They’re very blurry, my hair is a mess and they’re edited differently to my recent images, but I’m going to leave them (for now, haha), because social media isn’t supposed to be picture perfect, it’s not about getting it ‘right’ everytime – that’s what those glossy magazines are for right?!



Coat & Rainbow Jumper – ASOS, Jeans – Topshop, Western Boots – New Look





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