Creepyyeah: Sex, Women, Fashion, Brutality and Beauty


Chinese-American designer Yeha Leung is the brains and hands behind Creepyyeha, a custom-made lingerie brand. Its craftsmanship at its best with the combination of Ravish Me bras, Tahliah chokers and Lillipore garters being cynical, sexy and stylish in equal measures.

A cult following of over 200,00 whom she nicknames ‘Babydolls’ is exposed via Instagram, a platform the designer uses on a personal level despite the ever-increasing numbers. If it’s not Leung modelling, it’s one of her friends with the photo captions acting as sick notes, deliberations, reflections and monologues.

The custom-made lingerie is beautiful in the most daring of ways. It could take up to seven weeks to reach a Babydoll’s door, with the made to measure entourage of gold D-rings, soft tulle, bows and metal hearts making it worth the anticipated wait. It’s underwear to be seen.

There couldn’t be a sassier circle of celebrity ambassadors with FKA Twigs, Azealia Banks and Rihanna all being restrained by the Creepyyeha leather. These are the pop princesses demystifying the world of sex and fetish, unashamedly putting themselves and their sexuality on display.

Her Creepyyeha Babydolls blog is filled with Blair Witch style videos: men in balaclavas, white noise, knives and girls smashing china with hammers. Even the innocent colours of the underwear in white and lavender can’t hide the fetish themes here. A close up of suspenders attaching to tights and petals being pulled from a rose reveal what the ‘creepy’ in Creepyyeha is really all about, but with the subtle hints of BDSM are we opening up Pandora’s box here, adding to the already mounting pressure on the everyday female?

Sex sells, sex sells. We know all this. It’s drilled into us everyday with navels, buttocks and waistlines being used to promote everything from tea bags to Tupperware. Is it scenes like this that create unrealistic expectations? Expectations to shave and trim, dress up and dress down to attract the dominant sex or feel comfortable in our own skin.

As ever with this business we call fashion, things can be and will be interpreted by each and every one of us differently. Leung’s designs are simultaneously a fashion statement, a costume, a piece of art and a prop to fulfill an utmost Babydoll fantasy. The freedom of expression is honourable, here is a designer doing her own thing and following her own path. A path we are invited to see with our very own square eyes and overworked right thumb.

As a celebration of fashion, women, sex, love, desire and seduction, it’s powerful. Just like that purple mohair jumper in your best mate’s wardrobe – it might not be to everyone’s taste; however, it’s certainly attracting attention. With the freedom of expression being something to honour and the contrasting world of brutality and beauty her name is sure on people’s lips: Creepyyeha, Creepyyeha, don’t stop, don’t…. Stop.

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