Body Image

My opinion of myself changes more regularly than Kylie Jenner’s facial features; i.e. a lot.

Body image and self-esteem levels aren’t a concrete thing and like many, I’ve a terrible habit of comparing myself to others. I’ll quickly find the most attractive person in the room (or on instagram) and judge myself accordingly. It’s often a brutal process that can’t ever really end well, sadly this doesn’t stop me doing it over and over again.

However, after being at a body image workshop a couple of weeks ago there’s a trick I learned which I have to share with you all: the magic 10.

Ok, so I don’t know if that’s what it’s actually called, but we will just run with that for now.

The magic 10 is all about comparing yourself to 10 people in the room instead of just 1. So when you find yourself playing the comparison game with Miss Beach Body you have to do it to the next 10 people you see too. It’s a very good way of grounding yourself and placing yourself back in the real world.

Especially if there is a dog in the room because I’ve never aspired to be that hairy.

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