Things to Know at 25

Mid-twenties can be kinda tough going. Well, most ages can be kinda tough going, but I don’t know what it’s like to be 30 (yet) and I’m trying desperately to forget what it was like to be 18. So here are some things I learnt at 25. Hopefully, it helps you out a bit:

You don’t have to stay out till dawn

Nothing good happens after 2 am – It’s totally ok to start dreaming of PJs and pizza once the clock strikes 12. Leave the kids to watch the sunrise, you just hit the sack.

It will be easier to stop giving a fuck 

You get to a point where asking for shit, turning people down, falling over, accepting you did wrong just doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Oh, and you really don’t have to be friends with everyone.

It’s ok to believe that you may never love yourself 

Hearing things like ‘I love my body’ and ‘just do you’ from the perfectly sculpted Blog4LYFMarie as she tucks into her fourth lettuce with lettuce salad of the day, isn’t always easy to hear. Especially in those self-loathing moments, but there will be a tiny voice somewhere deep inside that does appreciate you for being you. It’s just waiting to get a bit louder.

Your friends might start to get married 

It’s Ok to have a little cry when your friends announce they’re getting married. Even if you don’t believe in marriage and you’re left in bed wondering where the fuck these emotions came from – just feel the feelings and move on.

There is no rush

At 18 you believe by 25 you will be a real person with a house, a job and a pet you can remember the name of. So, at the dawn of your 26th birthday, it can be a bit of a panic when you still don’t have a full-time job, but you have the rest of your life to fill up with all these things. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

You Can Fall in Love More Than Once

As a person who has loved and lost a few times, I firmly believe you won’t be a resident of heartbreak hotel forever. People come and go in our lives for all sorts of reasons and if something isn’t making you happy, move on.

It’s ok to become a geek 

Yeah, pretty much what it says on the tin – All I do now is listen to Radio 4 and drink herbal tea.

You should be nice to yourself 

Look how far you’ve come, you’re dressed today. Or, if not today, you were probably dressed yesterday. You’ve made it into adult life – you’re doing swell, keep telling yourself that.

You can spend time alone

You don’t need to depend on anyone to entertain you. You can go on holiday alone, eat out, go to the cinema – having someone there is totally overrated.

You should invest in a slow cooker 

It makes pretending to be an adult SO much easier.

You can say no

For some people (people like me), this can take a bit of practice. But, you need to learn to make yourself happy, don’t just go to the party because Miss All-night wants you to. People will still like you, even if you don’t comply to their every wish and command – you ain’t no Genie, get out of that lamp.

Stop looking in the mirror so much

Obviously, we all look in the mirror and maybe, yes, we need to at some point in the day but don’t use it to determine how the day is going to go. There are some things you can’t change and bullying yourself is just setting you up for failure.


Remember, self-esteem and loving yourself is something you have to work at. Just like any job, you might not get it right straight away and you might make mistakes. However, it’s not going to come from losing weight in the gym, staring at Mr Happy on Instagram or bitching about Mrs Smug on facebook – it’s going to come from you.

You’ve got this!

Until next time, peace and kisses


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